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Product Review

Undoo Softgels



Meet Sarara Corva founding member of the product helping patients to Unhaze the Blaze.

We’ve all been there: you’re a new patient exploring cannabis for the first time, and by accident, you consume too much. You know, through your research, that this can’t hurt you—but the unfortunate side-effects of an overdose can result in extreme discomfort for long periods of time. When this happens, what’s a patient to do? 

This is the dilemma Sarara Corva and James Carberry strived to solve with the invention of their first product UNDOO® softgels. Sarara, cancer survivor, natural health advocate, and founder of this fascinating new product, took the time to sit down with Florida Grass Roots to discuss UNDOO, how it works, and how patients (both novice and practiced) can benefit from keeping some stocked beside their vitamin C and CBD tincture. Read on for why UNDOO softgels may just find their way into a medicine cabinet near you.

What is UNDOO? 

According to their website, UNDOO softgels are an innovative, patented (U.S. Pat. No. 9918947) formula designed to efficiently and quickly clear your head of the discomfort associated with THC overconsumption. They contain no cannabis, no CBD, no sugar, and no caffeine. Sarara describes UNDOO as “an all-natural tool for strategically using cannabis.” 

The active ingredient in UNDOO softgels is Olivetol – a molecule that our body endogenously produces. Using a plant source of this same molecule, UNDOO softgels help metabolize the THC while maintaining the beneficial effects of the medicine. 

The Whys and Hows

In 2011, Sarara was diagnosed with breast Cancer and miraculously healed herself using alternative methods, including whole-flower cannabis. “I did not use chemo; I had no mastectomies, and I did not receive radiation—all of which were recommended,” Sarara says. 

Within six months, to the astonishment of her doctors, Sarara found herself cancer-free. Immediately after, she dove into cannabis research and education with the intention of learning as much as she could to help others treat their conditions. Before she knew it, she had a thriving career in the cannabis industry. 

“I met Jimmy, my partner in both business and in life, while speaking on a circuit in Arizona to educate seniors,” Sarara says. James (Jimmy) Carberry, UNDOO LLC co-founder and scientist who developed the formula for UNDOO softgels, was speaking on glaucoma. Jimmy has kept his glaucoma in-check with cannabis treatment for over 30 years, with no pharmaceutical assistance whatsoever. His whole adult life, Jimmy has been a cannabis
educator, advocate and patient. 

“Jimmy and I got to talking about educating seniors, and realized that ‘be careful not to over ingest… or you will be sorry’ was not the best way to teach people about this amazing plant,” says Sarara. Believing there had to be a better way, she asked him, “can you create an antidote to help with this problem?” Having spent 30 years advancing his knowledge on the science of cannabis, Jimmy was happy to take on this new project. After about four months of steady work and testing, he came up with a formula—and it worked. 

How Does it Work?

“Our body endogenously produces chemistry called olivetolic acid—this is our natural clearing mechanism,” Sarara says. “It is a part of our endocannabinoiod system.” Olivtolic acid has a stronger binding affinity for the CB receptors of the endocannabinoid system than THC.* Because of this, it is able to metabolize the THC off of the receptor, rapidly clearing the head.

“So, effectively what we’re doing is giving the body more of what it naturally produces to clear our head,” says Sarara. “The resulting effect is clarity in your brain, but the therapeutic benefits of the THC remain. Once it begins, the entourage effect of the cannabis continues, but the pain is still gone; you’re still happy and feeling the benefits of the THC, and the psychotropic alterations and resulting discomfort disappear.”

What other positive applications exist for UNDOO?

“Because of its receptor-clearing power, UNDOO has another valuable function,” says Sarara. Some doctors with pediatric patients find that their tolerance for medical cannabis gradually goes up with time. This creates the problem of needing more to treat the same symptoms, which results in raised costs for the patient and their family. While studies have shown that periodically refraining from cannabis is effective in keeping tolerance at bay, this is not an option for patients who face more serious illnesses. Taking a child with epilepsy off of his or her medication for even a day, for example, can result in seizures and symptoms returning. However, UNDOO presents a unique solution. 

“Many mothers of patients give their children UNDOO softgels once a week in order to clear the receptors and get the most out of the medicine,” says Sarara. While this doesn’t prevent tolerance from rising, used regularly, this method clears the receptor and stops it from getting “backed up,” essentially improving the effects of the cannabis product. 

Where can patients purchase UNDOO softgels?

UNDOO softgels are patented and trademarked for worldwide distribution. Patients can purchase it online at UNDOO’s website, as well as many stores listed on the site. Find a retailer near you at