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Teenagers Advocating For Cannabis: Rylie Maedler



Rylie Maedler

Rylie is another well known female fighter for cannabis as a medicine. Rylie was also featured in our newest Children’s Issue, and her full story can be read here. For those of you who may have not yet heard of Rylie’s incredible story, she began fighting for her life at the age of seven years old. She successfully survived her condition thanks to cannabis, and has made several accomplishments over these past few years. Her efforts would see Delaware pass Rylie’s Law, which allows children to use cannabis oils for medicinal reasons, and she also pushed  legislation forward allowing cannabis medicine in schools, and adding autism as a qualifying condition for medical cannabis treatment in her home state of Delaware. Rylie told us, “I knew what I wanted: A way to help kids as much as possible.” 

To learn more about Rylie’s story and the other amazing work she’s accomplishing, read the full article in our newest issue.