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Teenagers Advocating For Cannabis: Alexis Bortell



Alexis Bortell

Many of you may already know of Alexis Bortell’s bravery to fight for what she believes in. We recently featured Alexis in our newest Children’s Issue, where she gave us an exclusive interview of her story, and the history she’s making as a 13 year old American hero. You’ll have to read the full article for the exclusive, but Alexis and her father, Dean, are taking a stand against the federal government, along with several other plaintiffs currently in the Federal Cannabis Lawsuit where they are petitioning the rescheduling of cannabis as a Schedule 1 Drug. What we can tell you Alexis did say was, “Cannabis isn’t a choice for me, I need it to live.”, and “Without high THC products I would not be seizure free.” In reference to her historical lawsuit, she told GRAM, “If we can work together for what we believe in to make the change we want to see for our future, together, we will prevail.” 

To find out what makes Alexis Bortell so brave, and to find out what you can do to help, read the entire story for yourself in our newest issue.   

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