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How to get your Florida Medical Marijuana Card

5 steps to get your Florida Medical Marijuana Card

There is a lot of confusion about getting a Florida medical marijuana card. Clearly, this can make it tough to know where to go or what is safe.

Here at Florida Grassroots, our goal is to walk you through the process with all the information you need.

Here are our 5 steps to getting your Florida MMJ card!

Step 1: Find a medical marijuana physician

For a list of qualified physicians, visit the Florida Health Department’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use website. This page allows you to search by location and specialization to find the right physician near you.

Step 2: Call the physician to make an appointment

When booking the appointment, you will need to inform them of your qualifying condition

Step 3: Meet your physician 

At your appointment, you and the physician will talk about your condition and your experience with marijuana.
Note: Most importantly, please be honest about your experience with MJ! It will determine how much they recommend you take. 

Step 4. Register with the Florida MMJ registry 

After getting your physician’s recommendations, you will pay for your appointment and the state’s registration fee.

Step 5. Get your Card

In about a week, you should get an approval email. Days after the email arrives, you will also get a physical card in the mail).

Bonus Step: Purchase Medical Marijuana
Once your approval email arrives, you can take it to your local dispensary to make your first purchase.
NOTE: Many dispensaries offer a first time visitor discount. Ask about it!

For more details, please visit our Florida Card Process page.