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FGCU Certificate Program



Florida Gulf Coast University has always been a progressive school. They have become what President Martin predicted last year, “Florida’s Greatest Cannabis University.” 

The Cannabis Professional Certificate Program is an intensive 5-day workshop designed to meet the needs of those in the industry and community who want to increase their understanding of cannabis and its effects, the cannabis industry, and the environment in which it operates.

Students at FGCU just completed a 5-day Cannabis Professional Certificate program, with 40 individuals completing the course. The course is an intensive, multidisciplinary workshop geared towards those who would like to enter the cannabis industry or those who want to learn more about cannabis. 

Dr. Martha Rosenthal, PhD., a professor of neuroscience and physiology and director of the Cannabis Research, Education, and Workforce (CREW) initiative at FGCU, heads the course. Martha holds her PhD in neuroscience from UCLA and a master’s degree in Neuropharmacology. Because of her training, Martha is uniquely qualified to teach about the effects of cannabis on the body. 

FGCU also curated a group of cannabis professionals, including physicians, botanists, scientists, business leaders, industry managers, attorneys, accountants, to speak to the students.

GRAM was there and spoke to the students during their graduation celebration. Here’s what some of the students had to say about the course:

I believe this program should be a general education requirement for everyone. The class has helped me make connections in the cannabis industry.

– Jacob Miller | Psychology Major

Dr. Rosenthal debunked the
mysteries of cannabis.

– Myra Jaimes | Entrepreneurship Major

This course gave a good overall synopsis of the cannabis industry for students to have a better idea of what it is all about. I feel better prepared to advocate and help patients after this class.

– Carly Stoen | Liberal Arts Major, Integrated Studies Program, Cannabis Focus