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Dr. Matt Jackson, PhD

Matt Jackson is a PhD analytical chemist specializing in translational research, where research moves out of the lab and turns into real products that can be used in the clinic. Matt has developed microscale devices—similar in size to computer processors—that can process fluids instead of electricity and extract the rarest of cancer markers from a tube of blood. This can tell clinicians how well cancer therapies are working in real-time and, for those critical patients, if a different treatment may prevent relapse.

Matt has worked closely with oncologists and has learned many different “scientific languages.” He uses this to delve deep into different areas of scientific research, pull out key concepts, and explain it in a way that (hopefully) everyone can understand. He has also been on the other side of treatment and has helped his family through battles with cancer. He knows how overwhelming it can be to make decisions about your health and life, especially when information from doctors is compressed into a few chaotic minutes of rushed conversation. So, when it comes to medical writing, Matt strives to absorb and fact-check as much as information as possible, and then serve as an interpreter for those on the front lines of healthcare.

In his free time, Matt advocates for mental health awareness and is a volunteer counselor on the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. He is also an avid abstract painter using all mediums.