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By Aias-Theodoros Papastavrou, MD, PhD

Dr. Papastavrou is a consultant physician, with over 35 years’ experience in hospital medicine. His current job title is Medical Director at Biomed Aid Ltd in Skopje, North Macedonia; he is also in private international practice, providing support to people with cancer and severe chronic disease by integrating evidence-based lifestyle consulting with complementary therapies alongside standard care.

The medical division of Biomed Aid Ltd specializes in integrative and personalized medical counseling and treatments focusing on patients with malignant and/or chronic disease.

Their treatment approach is based on comprehensive molecular diagnosis, detailing all the genetically determined strengths and weaknesses of the specific cancer [or other chronic disease (ie MS, ALS, metabolic syndrome, obesity etc)].

Based on laboratory specifics, all conventional treatment modalities are potentially used (when and to the extent they are indicated), supplemented by innovative ones, like oncothermia, dendritic cell immunotherapy, anti-SENSE oligonucleotide therapy, nutrition (ie medical ketogenic diet for cancer or epilepsy), tailored made physical exercise, epigenetic supplementation, ozone therapy, cannabis therapy, psychotherapy and more.

The goal while attending to patients is to offer them life extension with quality.

At present, Dr Papastavrou serves as vice-president of Hellenic Society of Integrative Oncology (HellSIO) and member of the Int’l Interest Committee of SCC (Society of Cannabis Clinicians). He has served as president of ICHS (Int’l Clinical Hyperthermia Society), and general secretary the Hellenic Society for Oncologic Hyperthermia (HSOH).