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Catching Up with Sophie + Tracy Ryan



Updates on Sophie

Sophie spent her first Christmas off chemo treatment since being a newborn! “We are
finally off after six years,” her mother Tracy tells us, “She’s been stable for over a year now. It’s still in there, but currently it is stable and believed to be dead. Now, we have to continue to monitor it and do scans every two and a half to three months. We’re confident that before we ever get too many years away from where we are now that we’re going to have a therapeutic available for her that literally eradicates the disease completely, so we never have to worry about it again.”

Groundbreaking Research

“We’re hopeful to be ready to for planning our human trials in the next six months. The brain cancer discoveries that the team has made are astronomical. I can’t say exactly what level the results are at, but it’s exciting. It would be a nontoxic option for patients because it would be using cells that are naturally indigenous to your body. Everything we discovered thus far, we hope to have published by March 20th. Dr. Jewett has discovered cannabinoids are attacking cancer STEM cells, and chemotherapy and radiation can’t even do that. This cancer STEM cell discovery, Dr. Jewett is calling the biggest discovery in the history of cannabis research and one of the biggest findings this century in cancer research. Sophie has been the most exciting patient in this research because she has shown the highest level of NK cell function as compared to all of the healthy and sick patients Dr. Jewett has tested over the last 30 years.”

The Saving Sophie Podcast

“It is on iTunes and all about medical cannabis. We have completed interviews with Julian Marley, Tommy Chong, and Dr. Jennifer Berman that will air in the coming weeks. On each one of these episodes we’re hoping to use them as an amplifier, and an educational tool for people who really want to learn more about cannabis and become more involved in this community. Our interview with Dr. Jewett that digs into our research, where it’s going and where it is today, just launched this week, as well.” 

Upcoming Projects

“We are launching the CKSoul cannabis and hemp line in February. CannaKids will become our advocacy and education platform since legalization has brought challenges with having ‘Kids’ in our name. I’m also launching a new pharma company called NKore. We want to be the company bringing Dr. Jewett’s cancer therapeutics through human trials and to market because we know we will do it in a way that is considerate to patients.”

How you can support

“I’m truly trying to manifest people that can come in and help support these efforts and initiatives that really believe in what we’re doing and want to get in on the ground floor, with the goal of really being a part of this company moving forward. We also need to keep raising philanthropic dollars for Dr. Jewett. We’ve got a lot of work to do before we can get this into the hands of the patients and the more help we can get and the more donations we can get, the faster we can get there.”